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What is the meaning of social-media-e-mail for me?

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I think the development of email communication could be the same like the development of the SMS and maybe  the  second intervals of the mobile phones. At the next milestone we don’t separate the technical channels only the communication-, dialogue- or target-groups.

You need to login with every tool whether email or social media, except with the exception of the mobile devices, like mobile phone. Do we speak alone or with each other or with more dialogue partner? For every kind of personal flow of information you find today each tools with comments-function or digital platforms with office-organizing-applications.

You don’t need a simple technical instrument like the email client, it is one-dimensionally. The classical sender-receiver-models is for the digital communication obsolete, because email-communication should be a faster communication comparing with telephone-communication (synchron reactive, waiting for a quick answer).

A other point of view. Maybe every communication starts with a vita (curriculum vitae) of future action and is a beginning of a documentations of the relationships. Digital communication could be develop to a social kind of project management. Linked with alerts like RSS or feedback symbols.

In my opinion is that the main-argument against e-mail-communication as we know today. Social-media-email is practically the next step to a digital information flow.

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E-Mail-Marketing, every email sent by companies, institutes or groups is an e-mail-marketing proposal. New impulses in a for groups structured social media world. Nowadays we have technics and measurement for handling emails like commercial communication tools.

Sources and impulses

Social Media Can’t Replace Email

SlideShare Email Tracking: This Week in Social Media


Der Europäische Social Media und E-Mail Monitor ─ 6 Länder Studie zum digitalen Dialog mit Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail & Co. (Europäischer Vergleich der Consumer Befragung) München, Dezember 2010 | Autoren: Volker Wiewer und Rolf Anweiler ZUm downlaod im Internet Der Europäische Social Media und E-Mail Monitor –6 Länder Studie zum digitalen Dialog mit Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail & Co. München, den 14.09.2010 | Autoren: Volker Wiewer und Rolf Anweiler

Tool at this time for organizing e-informations

Written by Erik Wegener

25. Februar 2013 um 11:14

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